Partnership Agreement

The partners of this Partnership Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Agreement) are the Partners of the advertising network (any individual or legal person) and the administration of the resource (represented by the owner and / or system administrator). The agreement is recognized as a public offer and enters into force upon its acceptance by registration of the Partner in the System. Use of the Service implies the Partner's full consent with all clauses of this agreement, as well as all the Terms of Service, located at

Terms and Definitions

Partner network (System) - a complex of hardware and software that functions in the Internet on a permanent address

Service - services provided by the Administration of the Service through the System.

An advertiser is a person who purchases services of the Service.

Partner (webmaster) - a person who provides services for the translation of advertisements for the Service, as well as a person attracting users to the advertising sites of the Service Advertisers.

User - a person who is a user of the global Internet, accessing sites containing Advertising Materials, interactively from any place at any time.

The account is a part of that is closed from public view, which allows the Partner and the Advertiser to view and manage their own accounts, advertising campaigns, venues and places.

Personal account - a set of necessary tools (services) provided by the System to the Partner for managing the account.

ID - the unique identifier of the advertising platform in the database of the Service.

A qualitative target action - the advertiser's action when creating an advertising campaign the User's action, as the achievement of the goal for which the Advertiser pays a reward.

1. Subject of the Agreement

1.1. The Partner undertakes to provide services for the placement of the advertising code offered by the Service or on the use of the Service's advertising links to attract Users to the Advertiser's sites in order to implement the latest quality targeted actions, and the Service Administration undertakes to accept and pay for properly provided services.

2. Rights and obligations of the Partner

2.1. The Partner guarantees that he has all the necessary powers to conclude and execute this Agreement, and that the provision of the Services (the Webmaster) Services specified in clause 1.1. ДThe contract does not contradict the legislation, obligations assumed by the Partner (Webmaster) before third parties, and does not violate the rights and legitimate interests of third parties and / or the Service in any other way.

2.2. The Partner undertakes to provide services in accordance with the current legislation of the country in whose territory she resides / renders services and the rules specified in this agreement and the Terms of Use of the service (including attachments and supplements to it) during the term of this agreement.

2.3. The Partner undertakes to comply with the traffic source requirements described in the Network Acceptance Rules, which are located at:

2.4. The Partner undertakes to apply in a timely manner to receive remuneration in accordance with the internal regulations of the Service

2.5. The Partner undertakes to inform the Administration of the Service of all technical problems associated with access to the advertising network.

2.6. The Partner undertakes, upon the request of the Service Administration or the representative of the Network, to provide reliable information about the traffic involved or about the method by which the users perform targeted actions.

2.7. The Partner undertakes to contact the support service for all issues arising in the course of the work, as well as to respond promptly to the requests of the Service Administration.

2.8. To the partner it is forbidden:

2.8.1. Attraction of traffic, through SPAM or any, malicious or spyware;

2.8.2. Attraction of traffic from CAP systems (active advertising systems);

2.8.3. Forcing or motivating users to perform the necessary actions on the advertiser's website;

2.8.4. Performing actions independently;

2.8.5. Realization of any kind of auto-wrapping of actions using scripts / bots;

2.8.6. Change or substitution of IP-addresses, use of proxy servers and anonymizers;

2.8.7. Hiding the referrer, as well as automatically redirecting the user (without his knowledge);

2.8.8. Use of traffic sources banned by the advertiser;

2.8.9. Forming a false representation of the product / service by using false advertising materials that are not attributable to the objects or conditions of advertising advertised by the Advertiser or belonging to another product, the brand;

2.8.10. Create more than one account on the web;

2.8.11. Use redirect / shortcut services to redirect users;

3. Rights and obligations of the Service Administration

3.1. The Service Administration has the right:

3.1.1. To collect personal information about the users of the Service in the framework of the Privacy Policy of the provided information, which is available at:

3.1.2. Suspend the provision of services or restrict access to the Service to Partners who violate the terms of this agreement;

3.1.3. Keep a register of violators of this agreement and provide access to it to third parties;

3.1.4. If violations of this agreement are found, block the account of the Partner (Webmaster) without paying an appropriate fee;

3.1.5. Require access to an independent system of accounting for Partner's resource statistics;

3.1.6. To refuse to the Partner (Webmaster) in explaining the reasons for blocking his account, if this in any way infringes the interests of the Service;

3.1.7. To refuse to the Partner (Webmaster) in the provision of any information without the appropriate order of the competent authorities;

3.1.8. Amend or supplement this agreement without prior notice to the Partners;

3.1.9. To audit the advertising materials and sources of traffic used by the Partner (Webmaster);

3.1.10. Temporarily or permanently block the source of traffic that violates the terms of this agreement, or does not meet the requirements of the Advertiser;

3.1.11. To refuse or suspend the payment of remuneration, in case of objective reasons, to suspect the Partner in violation of the terms of this agreement;

3.2. Service Administration undertakes:

3.2.1. Uninterrupted operation of the Service is not guaranteed. In the case of planned works, the Service Administration (if possible) notifies the Partners and Advertisers about it through the Notification by means of an accessible way of communication about failures or interruptions in the operation of the Service. Notification is not made in cases when the problems are caused by reasons beyond the control of the Service Administration.

3.2.2. Timely pay remuneration to Partners (Webmasters), according to the internal regulations of the Service;

3.2.3. Produce all kinds of activities to analyze the quality of traffic, search for unscrupulous partners (Webmasters) and their blocking;

3.2.4. To update and expand the technical capabilities of the Service and its functionality;

3.2.5. Ensure uninterrupted work of links and advertising materials belonging to the Service. At the same time, the Service Administration does not assume responsibility for the efficiency of the Advertising Site, but takes all possible measures to monitor its operation and notify the Partners if it is unavailable;

4. Reward and settlement procedure

4.1. For the provision of the Services specified in the subject matter of this agreement, the Administration of the Service shall pay the Partner a fee. The remuneration is paid for quality targeted actions made by users on the site of the Advertiser and / or third parties.

4.2. The Parties acknowledge that in order to determine the beginning and the period of the provision, volume and cost of the Services, only the Service statistics are used.

4.3. The Parties recognize that when calculating remuneration, artificially (in bad faith) reproduced registrations (actions) are not taken into account, the methods of creation of which are categorically prohibited under the terms of this agreement.

4.4. The Service Administration remunerates the Partner's minimum payment, in the equivalent of $ 50.00. The account for payment will be generated by the system automatically and is available for viewing by the Partner in the Personal Area. All actions performed with the use of the Partner's password in relation to the Personal Cabinet are recognized as actions committed by the Partner.

4.5. The reporting period for the provision of services is a calendar month. By default, the application for payment of fees for services rendered is formed upon the achievement of the minimum amount for payment, in the amount equivalent to 50.00 USD. Payments are made 4 times a month, each last working day of the week. The partner has the opportunity to disable this option in the LC settings and make out an application for payment of remuneration at any time, provided that the minimum amount for payment is available on the balance sheet (the individual schedule of payments is agreed with the Partner Support Manager).

4.6. Payments on the requests made and agreed by the Administration of the Service are made 4 times during the month, every thursday , every calendar month.

4.7. The partner has the right to early payment of remuneration. The procedure for the formation of applications for such payment and conditions must be agreed with the manager of the Partner Support Service.

4.8. Payment of remuneration is made by non-cash transfer of funds to the Partner's bank account, subject to the provision of documents, in accordance with clause 4.10 of the agreement or to the Partner's electronic purses, the numbers of which are indicated in the account of each Partner. The specific method of payment is chosen by the Partner in the Personal Area.

4.9. The basis for receiving payment is the provision of reliable personal data by the Partner. In case of doubt in the reliability of the above data, the Service Administration has the right to suspend or cancel the payment of the fee.

4.10. In the event that the Partner chooses a non-cash bank transfer payment method, the Partner undertakes to conclude with the Service Administration a written agreement certified by the signature of the authorized persons of the Partner and the Administration of the Service.

5. Confidentiality

5.1. The parties agree to keep the terms of this Agreement confidential, and to disclose all the information received by one Party from the other Party in the execution of the Agreement and not disclose, disclose, divulge or otherwise provide such information to any third party without prior written permission the Party transmitting this information.

5.2. Each Party will take all necessary measures to protect Confidential Information with at least the same degree of care with which it protects its own confidential information.

5.3. The obligation to keep confidential Confidential Information in accordance with the Agreement comes into force from the moment of acceptance of the Agreement and remains in force for 3 (Three) years after the termination of the Agreement or its termination for any reason.

6. Responsibility of the parties

6.1. The Service Administration makes a basic check of the advertised resources, guided by the indications of the databases of anti-virus programs, as well as open databases of independent companies. At the same time, the Service Administration does not check the quality of services provided by the advertiser, as well as the fact that they are provided to the user.

6.2. Administration of the service in connection with the performance of the Agreement shall not be liable to any other Party and / or its customers (customers, Webmasters) for any indirect / indirect losses and / or lost profits of the Party and / or third parties, loss of information, loss of production / business, regardless of whether the Party could foresee the possibility of causing such losses in a particular situation or not. The Service Administration is not liable to the Partner for the actions of third parties, as well as for third parties, including for the actions of the Partner. The Partner hereby agrees to release the Administration of the Service, affiliated persons, directors, officers and employees from any and all losses, claims, liabilities that may arise, directly or indirectly, in connection with the use of the Service, as well as as a result of any claims made by persons , interacting with the Partner in relation to the Service.

6.3. In the event of violation by the Partner of the requirements of clause 2.8. of this Agreement, the Service Administration has the right to refuse to fulfill the terms of the Agreement and immediately terminate it in unilateral extrajudicial procedure, while Services are deemed not rendered by the Partner and are not subject to payment by the Administration of the Service

7. Term and Termination of the Agreement

7.1. This Agreement shall enter into force upon acceptance of the terms of the Agreement through registration in the Network and until one of the Parties has notified the other Party in writing of termination of the Agreement (including by e-mail). The notification sent in this way shall have full legal force and entrust to the Parties the respective rights and obligations specified in the Agreement.

7.2. The agreement can be terminated:

7.2.1. By agreement of the Parties.

7.2.2. The Service Administration, in the event of a breach by the Partner of the terms of the Agreement, immediately upon establishing the fact of the violation, and all charges to the Partner (Webmaster) are canceled.

7.2.3. Any Party with a written warning of the other Party by e-mail or by fax at least 5 (five) days prior to the proposed date of termination.

7.3. In the cases specified in clause 7.2.2. one-way notification by e-mail is allowed.

7.4. Obligations of the Parties to the Agreement, which by their nature must continue to operate (including obligations with respect to confidentiality, mutual settlements, use of information, but not limited to), remain in effect after the termination of the Agreement.

Other conditions

8.1. The Service Administration has the right to unilaterally change the provisions of the Agreement, without prior notice to the Partner.

8.2. The current version of the Agreement is located at the following address:

Date of the last modification of the agreement: September 16, 2016.

8.3. This Agreement and the relationship between the Partner and the Service Administration arising in connection with the application of the Agreement and the use of the Service are governed by the legislation of Ukraine.